Your best source for hassle-free computing

Running a business can be tough and time consuming because business operates only at one speed—fast. You can’t afford to let anything slow you down, especially computer-related issues. Tired of wasting your time and energy on them? Looking for a solution that can significantly reduce time devoted to these issues and downtime due to computer problems?

If so, we can help. At Virtualis Solutions, we provide hassle-free computing that just works.

Other than occasional hardware failures that can’t be avoided, we believe businesses shouldn’t spend significant amounts of time on computer-related issues. That’s why we offer our signature service, eDesk Suite, which eliminates the vast majority of computer-related issues businesses experience.

The eDesk Suite provides easy to use, reliable, secure computing that allows clients to work from their Windows® desktops 24/7/365 from anywhere with almost any modern computing device, as long as a good Internet connection exists.

Your programs and your data at your fingertips

Instead of storing your data and running your business applications on your computers, we host and manage your software and data on our servers located in a secure data center. You then access your programs (such as Microsoft® Office, QuickBooks, Adobe® Acrobat Reader, and other business programs) seamlessly over the Internet.

We vigorously monitor our services and proactively work to prevent problems before they occur. We handle all the complex, messy “computer stuff” so that you can focus on running and growing your business.

Experience Outstanding Customer Service

Whether using our managed IT services in Texas, Massachusetts, Idaho, Alaska, or anywhere else, you can always access your Windows® Desktop 24/7/365 from virtually any modern device as long as you have a good Internet connection. However, sometimes you may need assistance or have a question. We excel at customer service and that’s not just our opinion, our clients tell us almost daily. Our clients talk to real people who work quickly to resolve any issues.